The Baby Food Diet Eighth Month

Foods Your Baby Can Eat
And Can’t Eat

Complete baby food diet eighth month guidelines with baby food list, all you need to know about your baby’s diet from 8th month to 12th month of age.

Development In Babies Eighth Months Old
That Promotes Eating Solid Foods:

eight months baby table manner Can sit steady without support
Can grasp small things with thumb and index finger
May chew well
Can bite off bites from the food
Can hold a mug with both hands

Suitable Eating Habits:

Eating with the fingers
Eating himself with spoon or fork
Increasingly moving to grown up food

Suitable Baby Food Diet 8th-12th Months:

Breast milk or infant formula
Potatoes, root crops and vegetables
Fruit and berries
Porridge/cereal and gruel
Oat, wheat, barley and rye
Meat, fish and eggs

Baby Food Diet
8th Month – 12 Months

At about eighth 8 month, it is time to give babies food with a bite, chunkier food, they can chew.

However at this time your baby may refuse to be fed baby food because he wants to feed himself.

His developing pincer skill allows him to pick up food with his thumb and forefinger.

Feeding himself food that he can pick up with his own fingers becomes enjoyable!

Your baby can’t use utensils properly yet – because babies are just not enough coordinated at eighth month.

But do give your baby a spoon to hold and practice with at each meal, helps him develop this skill sooner.

However eating solids for an eight month baby isn’t foremost about the nutritional value of the food.

Eating chunkier solid foods, not purees, is a new developmental process that babies have to go through.

Eight months old babies have to learn how to chew using their gums and a tooth or two and how to swallow food with a thicker consistency.

The eating process allows them to experiment with moving foods around in the mouth.

If your baby doesn’t want you to feed him, or he only wants to eat what he can put in his mouth, some of these foods allow him to feed himself, and they are not too messy.


Foods Easy For Baby To Eat
Baby Food Diet
Eighth Month


Baby bite size chunks of soft foods such as mashed sweet potatoes, jams or mashed bananas.

Small pieces of well cooked macaroni and rice.

Small bits of meat such as ground meat, cooked thoroughly.

Be sure the foods you serve doesn’t cause your baby to choke. It is easy for baby to put too much into his mouth and cause himself to choke or gag!

As your baby gets more skillful at eating, you will be considering different foods to add to his diet.

Click here for delicious easy Baby Food Recipes for meals you can cook.


Foods Babies Should NOT Eat
Baby Food Diet
Eighth Month


Once babies can eat more than pureed food you may think they can eat anything.

Babies can not!

No salt in foods, even in cooking water until 1 year old. Babies kidneys aren’t fully developed to process salt.

Don’t serve Spinach, beets, nettles, chard and celery leaves. These foods contain lots of nitrite which the body transforms into nitrate that hinders the intake of oxygen. After 1 year of age it’s OK.

Unpastuerized cow milk.

Honey may contain spores that small children can’t handle.

Don’t use sugar in the baby’s diet, sugar has empty calories, no vitamins or minerals and create cavities in the babies teeth.

Don’t offer your baby hard chunks of uncooked vegetables or fruits.

Hard food pieces of any kind can present a choking hazard until he has a full set of teeth (10 in the upper jaw and 10 in the lower jaw = 20 teeth) and you feel certain he won’t choke.

It is a good idea not to offer your baby any of these foods in his baby food diet eighth month, until he is much older:

Raw foods that snap into small hard pieces, include celery, carrots, green peppers, hard apples, hard pears, jicama.

Hot dogs, sausages or bratwurst. They are loaded with salt and slicing these type of foods doesn’t make them safer.

Chunks of meat are choking hazards.

Nuts and peanuts or peanut butter, nuts are choking hazards and peanut allergy is on the rise, they should not be given to babies at all.

Fruits with seeds and pits. Core and remove pits and seeds and mash it before giving baby.

Fruit with thick skin, such as plums. Skin the fruit, remove the pits and seeds then mash before giving baby.

Seeds even small ones such as sunflower seeds.

Olives, cherries or grapes unless they have no seeds and are cut into tiny pieces.

Any smooth and round food that the baby could easily choke on.

Any food with bones, such as fish.

Meat bones or chicken bones.


Ideal Foods For Baby Diet
Eighth Month


Breast milk or infant formula is still the most important food in your baby’s diet at eighth month, all the way through 12 months of age for your baby’s growth and development.

However in addition your baby can now almost eat regular food if it’s soft and in small pieces, excluding salt and all NO foods until at least 1 year of age.

Serve cooked very tender meat of fish (debone!)or chicken cut in small, small pieces or chopped in a food processor.

Serve small soft bites of boiled potatoes, boiled carrots and pieces of jam or parsnips, ripe banana or ripe peeled pear, kiwi or mango.

Complement readily with small taste bites of fresh soft vegetables such as ripe peeled tomato pieces and peeled cucumber pieces and ripe avocado pieces.

Be vigilant and observe your baby when he is eating at all times and make sure he swallows before putting more food into his mouth.

The daily baby food diet eighth months should now include two servings of cooked main meals, and two to three porridge/cereal or gruel meals preferably served with fruit puree and sandwich pieces.

Use organic produce, wild salt water ocean fish only, organic ground chicken, grass fed ground beef and free range organic eggs!

Also at 8-9 months of age many serve whole grain porridge or whole grain formula since it fills the baby up better.

You can also try to give coarser bread than before.

But be vigilant as small children can become loose in the stomach with too much fibers in their diet.

An Infant Feeding Chart gives you direct links to suggested meals and best meal times each day.

Babies digestive system benefits from regular daily meal times.

Baby Finger Food
Baby Food Diet
Eighth Month

Finger foods for babies eight months in their diet such as small bites of peeled fresh soft cucumber, banana and ripe soft pear pieces, is very popular at 8th month of age and can be included with all meals.

Research show that babies who were introduced to fresh raw vegetables and fruits into their baby food diet eighth month, were much more likely to eat raw vegetables and fruit as children and then as adults.

This way your baby can participate actively during supper which makes him appreciate mealtimes which is a good thing!


Baby Snacks On The Go


Your baby food diet eighth month needs to include breast milk or infant formula as recommended by your pediatrician.

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