Baby Food Diet Sixth Month

Baby food diet sixth month to eighth month, first baby foods and baby food nutrition. Daily amount of breast milk or formula need plus baby feeding video.

The terms solids or solid foods when applied to baby’s diet at 6th month means foods that isn’t breast milk or formula.

At six month age you will introduce baby to many different types of solid food.

However they won’t supply your baby with the nutrients and calories he needs.

The baby will continue to get nutrition from the breast milk or formula you give him.

Babies need to get that during the entire first year to grow and develop properly.

Offering baby solid food helps him learn how to move food around in his mouth with his tongue and learn how to swallow it, as well as exposing your baby to different food textures.

Baby Development – For Eating Solid Food

Controls the neck muscles
Sits with support
Shows when full (turns head or refuses to open mouth)
Wiggles with the tongue from side to side
Holds a spoon
Grasps food with the hand
Starts drinking out of a cup
First teeth erupt
Increased level of activity

Suitable Baby Food Diet Six Month:

Foods with soft texture, smooth purees or mashed pieces
Adaptation to cup
Varied gluten containing diet
Good eating habits are established

Babies Daily Amount Breast Milk Or Formula Need:

6-7 Months – 30 Ounces
7-8 Months – 28 Ounces

Organic Homemade Baby Purees
Baby Food List

Purees of potatoes and root vegetables
Fruit and berry purees
Porridge/cereal, grain based formula
Grains: oat
Purees of meat, fish and egg

To cover the baby food diet sixth month’s steadily increased need of iron and other nutrients, the baby needs to start the slow process of learning to eat solid foods.

But your baby should continue getting at least 30 ounces of breast milk or formula every day.

They also need variety of solid food purees, to get used to new tastes and this may take some time for some babies to get used to.

Some babies start eating solids with gusto from the very first time they are introduced to potato puree or cereal.

Others don’t like the the taste or texture of solid food and refuse to eat it – in the beginning.

When baby refuses solid food keep offering cheerfully one spoonful of potato puree or cereal at each meal, but if he shows no interest or pushes it out, stop just as cheerfully, and say “let’s taste another flavor tomorrow”.

Eventually the baby will swallow and like to eat solids, all babies do!

Just be patient and talk encouraging to your little sweetheart.

How Not To Feed Your Baby Video
Baby Food Diet Sixth Month

The purpose of the baby food diet sixth month is to introduce your baby to different foods, not to make the baby eat.

As you can see in the above video the cute little baby is clearly refusing the spoon after the first introduction, but the parent keeps pushing food into her mouth anyway, again and again.

How To Make Baby Try Solid Foods

Wait a couple of days and then use a different approach!

Best solution: Place purees on the baby tray, attached to a highchair and let your baby touch and feel the food, without mentioning why, chances are huge the baby will put some into his mouth, after feeling it with his fingers.

Cover the baby with a large waterproof bib and let it get messy, because it will, but that is perfectly fine.

Let your baby get used to the flavors of different foods, just let it take as long time as he needs, to get used to it, because all babies do.

But babies prefer certain flavors more than others, just like we do.

As long as your baby is breast feeding or takes in formula and eats the various solid foods he can manage even a tiny bit, he should get enough calories.

The best indication baby gets enough calories is your baby’s growth, development and well being.

Visit your Pediatrician for well check ups every week during this transition to solid foods, if you feel concerned.

If your baby is growing in length, putting on weight and is energetic, he is getting enough nourishment.

Tips For Baby Food Diet Sixth Month

When the baby masters taste portions well, usually at about 7th month, you can gradually start with a whole meal with purees of meat or fish together with potato puree and vegetable puree, plus fruit purees for dessert.

If your baby doesn’t like a food you offer, wait a couple of days before you try that food again.

Let the baby eat what he was eating before you introduced the new food.

Cereal may be the whole meal, but the number of these meals should not comprise more than three in a day.

Use packaged manufactured organic baby porridge/cereal, because it includes the iron and other nutrients baby needs now.

If you keep offering different kind of foods to your baby, he will learn to like most foods.

It is good to serve fruit puree with porridge and your baby will like it too.

When the baby starts eating bread, around the 7th-8th month, remove the outer crusty edges.

Start with a light bread because small children can easily get loose stools from wholegrains.

Put a little unsalteed butter on the bread and then cut it in small, small pieces.

When the baby is bigger you can vary the bread.

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