How Care For A Virtual Baby

Is Making a Teenager
Think it Over

Care for a virtual baby is a great tool to prevent teenage pregnancy in school and preparing for parenthood.

It’s also perfect for baby dress up games at baby shower parties and in free parenting classes.

Using a baby think it over doll to educate and create awareness of parenthood and prevent teenage pregnancies, is now common practice in high school.

I think this is a real good educational idea.

It will make most teenagers realize that they aren’t mature yet for the real care babies need and what they would experience bringing a child into the world.

By watching many videos with teenagers, it is obvious that they are not ready to be parents.

However one video stood out from the crowd, with a teenage boy in braces who actually by instinct, does the right thing.

He picks up the crying baby in his arms close to his body and it stops crying.

He is the only one doing so naturally; that’s what is so endearing to see.

It is one of the reasons I am showing this video on my site.

The other reason is to show how tired and annoyed with the baby he becomes after a while which is expected.

But definitely with skills to be a fine dad in the future.

Child Care Training


Virtual Baby Care Video Clip

To all you young men and women in your teens: what you are watching may be a fake baby, but it behaves like real babies do, they often wake up in the night crying and want to be fed.

A baby simulator doll is a great tool in free online parenting classes for educational purposes.

And a virtual baby would also be fun to use for baby care games at baby showers!

Baby Think It Over Doll

These cute virtual baby dolls are ideal for training the main principals of baby care at school and in preparation courses for young parents.

To care for a virtual baby, using a baby think it over doll, teaches students to practice dressing, undressing, washing, changing diapers plus many other baby care needs.

And since this is a life like baby doll, a newborn sized doll height 19.7 inches, it can be dress in regular baby clothes.

For additional information and prices click on the links below the dolls.

You Can Buy
Real Care Baby Dolls
Right Here

The Baby Cry Simulator
Sound Kit
Care For A Virtual Baby

For teachers and educators who want their students to experience effective parenting and hear how babies really sound when they wake up crying, click on the link below the image.

parenting simulator

Love To Care
Parenting Simulator
Pack Of 10

For presentation, videos etc. the cry simulator can be attached to the life like baby dolls back and when the baby cries the student presses the button for a new sleeping period.

The simulator cries at preselected intervals around the clock.

If you choose to use the plain muslim cloth doll, the student must press the red embroidered heart on the chest to stop the crying for a 10-minute tending time.

Once the tending time is completed, it will cry again and the student must again push the button to begin a sleeping period.

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