Your Baby’s Developmental Milestones Fifth Month Progress

five months old baby reaches for toy

List of defined developmental milestones fifth month, infant milestones 5th months abilities and skills. Plus specified gross and fine motor milestones, language milestones, cognitive and social milestones.

The fifth month, the gross motor muscles that babies use for rolling, sitting etc. are develop rapidly as well as his physical growth.

A five months baby might be able to sit up for short moments without support.

Make sure, that the surroundings are soft with pillows all around, in case the balance suddenly ebbs.

If you place the baby on the tummy, he will stretch arms and legs and bend his back backwards to the rear, and lift up head and shoulders.

Encourage your 5 month old baby to play on his stomach, since this is strengthening the neck muscles and it is contributing to stabilizing his head.

The baby needs strength to lift her head up to look forward.

Stretch to reach and grasp with his hands and fingers.

5 Month Old Baby Activities and Abilities:

Your baby has no problems picking up objects and put them in the mouth at 5 months of age.

Baby proofing is a must at this time.

Repetition of particular sounds they like the bubbling sound is being popular now.

Babies often get very excited with new skills and repeat them many times, which is normal and a good thing.

About this time, developmental milestones fifth month, the baby discovers that simple actions give particular result, and from that perspective creates simple play.

For example it might be very fun to watch what happens when an object is thrown to the floor.

Either mom is picking it up or can be fun to see in what way the object falls.

This dropping play will usually continue for several months.

At infant milestones 5th month, the baby is getting better at seeing and discovering small objects and follow things and throw a glance at things or people.

developmental milestones fifth month play

The baby’s five months ability to recognize objects, even if it can only see a small part of it, are developmental milestones fifth month cognitive skills.

A short time ago your baby was able to see the difference between close clear color shades.

Now babies will start to differentiate the pastel colors.

Babies five months can clearly hear from where the sound is coming, by turning quickly toward the source of a new sound.

developmental milestones fifth month play

Five month old babies are fascinated by clocks ticking and playing with key chains.

Watching you talk is interesting for a 5 month old baby and is trying to copy some sounds coming out of your mouth.

Infants 5th month of age usually pay attention and may answer to their own name.

Check to see how your baby pays attention if you mention his name in a conversation with others, or turn his head if you call out his name.

Babies by developmental milestones fifth month have a broader emotional range. But they are not able to express their feeling in the same way as a grown-up.

They will show when they are angry, bored and happy. The ability to express love or humor will take longer to develop.

A five month old baby will express devotion by lifting the arms, when he want to be in your arms, or through crying when you leave the room.

You might get kisses and hugs. The way to express humor is also coming.

Fun events, tricks or sounds might make the baby laugh, and she will probably try to get you to laugh.

This is fun for parents, because they can be as silly as they want and be really playful for a change, which is a liberating at any age.

5 Month Infant Milestones Specified

Infant Gross Motor Milestones 5th Month:

* Moves by rocking, twisting or rolling

* Balances head steadily in different positions

* Aims well when reaching

* Brings feet to mouth and may suck on toes

* Lifts both arms and feet while lying on stomach

* Lifts the back with the help of arms while on tummy and moves it backwards

Infant Fine Motor Milestones 5th Month:

* Can grasp a small object easy, and his grasp is stronger

* The grasp is steadier

* Plays with rattle if placed in its hands

* Likes to feel different textures, so touch and feel books are very exciting to him

Infant Language Milestones 5th Month:

* Can squeal, grunt and make “raspberry” sounds

* Consiously imitates sounds

Infant Cognitive Milestones Fifth Month:

* Wants to touch, hold, turn, shake and mouth objects

* Recognizes an object even if only a small part of it visible

Infant Social Milestones 5th Month:

* Imitates facial expressions and movements

* Waves arms to be picked up

* Cries if mom leaves the room

* Personality is showing: he may be quiet and contemplative, or active and babbling

* May be physical and concentrate his energy on constant movement

* Or may focus on one task, excluding most other stimuli

* Smiles and vocalizes to gain attention and to make social contact

Your baby may be doing some of these things more quickly or more slowly than another baby.

If you are concerned about your baby’s progress and the development stage, discuss it with your baby’s doctor.
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