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4 Month’s Cognitive Development Skills

Here you will discover all your little baby’s milestones and thereof skills at four months of age.

    • Infant milestones 4th month skills, such as gross motor milestones, show how well your baby is moving his head, body, legs and arms.
    • Plus fine motor skills that show how well your baby is able to focus its eyes, move them from side to side, and up and down if necessary to follow objects.
    • Including how good your baby’s is using the fingers to grasp and grip objects.
    • As well as language milestones, making sounds like babbling using the throat, tongue and mouth.
    • Your baby’s fourth month cognitive milestones may appear as an intense baby look in direction of some noise or point of interest. Your baby is clearly aware of what’s going on.
    • Your baby’s social milestones are evident when play makes your baby laugh and can entertain self by playing.

    When Do Babies Roll Over?

    4 months old babies can surprise themselves and you, by rolling over from back to stomach and the opposite!

    When infants can lift their heads and keep it up, and just before they learn to sit up, that’s when most babies learn how to roll around.

    If the baby is lying on its stomach, he’ll now be able to lift his head and shoulders with the help of the arms.

    These mini push ups strengthen the muscles, and make it possible for the baby to look around and get a better view of things.

    All these different body movements are signs of your baby’s fourth month gross motor skills.

    4 months baby reaching for object, Developmental Milestones Fourth Month

    Four Months Old Baby Parenting Tips

    Observe your baby’s play and try to discern what peaks your his or her interest.

    In the image above the baby girl is clearly fascinated by the purple color and design of the bottle ring instead of the coins inside the bottle, and it’s the reason for her urge to grasp it.

    The baby girl shows that she recognizes different color shades and designs which is a cognitive skill at this age.

    Give your baby more objects of interest to explore. Your baby will love it and good for his/her development.

    One of the first steps in babies’ ability to move are often motivated by the urge to reach a toy or object of interest, that is just beyond reach or to come closer to Mom or Dad.

    You can encourage this effort through play.

    Tempt your baby with a cool toy, do this at the side he usually rolls toward, to see if the interest is big enough.

    Be generous with praise. New progress can often be a little scary in the beginning and your approval will help.

    Encourage your 4 months child to do exploring activities, by making sure there are many different safe objects and toys to discover and play with.

    A small toy can entertain your baby for several minutes.

    Babies Feeding Needs At 4 Month

    Your four months baby’s stomach has grown bigger, and doesn’t need breast milk or formula as often, just 5 to 6 times per day.

    Your baby will continue to grow in length and increase in weight, but the baby’s food requirement starts to get closer to that of older infants.

    Your baby’s attention, at developmental milestones fourth month, might be drawn to other people and things, during feeding times.

    It can be a little interrupting, even if it’s fun that the baby gets more attentive to his surrounding, that’s also a sign he has reached the fourth month, developmental social skills.

    If your child easily gets distracted now, it is worth to get a little peace and quiet in a calm place, when you will be breast feeding for a while.

    4 Months Babies’ Activities And Abilities

    • By fourth month babies can stretch themselves to get hold of things and grasp them.
    • Even if they need to do a couple of attempts before succeeding.
    • If babies at 4 months have an object in their hands, they will look at it for a few moments and then try to put it in the mouth.
    • Some infants have now started to drool more, because their teething period has started.
    • Teething may start as early as four months of age.
    • Soothing teething rings are helpful and useful toys for babies who are teething.
    • A baby gym or activation toys, are interesting stuff for babies at the development age, since they now are starting to see the consequences of different actions.
    • Babies can see and experience that the clock will ring at the push of a button.
    • By this age at four months , you will notice that your baby might occupy self by examining the hands and feet and explore its toes in the mouth.
    • Researchers believe that four months infants understand all the fundamental sounds of their mother tongue.
    • The language plays a vital roll and is the beginning of understanding = cognitive skills.
    • Between four and six month of age the ability develops to make sounds, like ma ma or da da.
    • These sounds are not connected to real meaning, as in the meaning mama.
    • Stimulate your baby’s ability to communicate by imitating his expressions and sounds.
    • When the baby makes a sound, it’s an attempt to communicate with you.
    • If you answer your baby’s talk, the baby learns verbal communication and starts to understand cause and effect.
    • Your baby then understands, that what we say is of importance and we should listen.
    • Infants sense of color is functioning at birth, but they can have a difficult time to distinguish between close colors tones, like red and orange.
    • Sometime between two and four month the baby will start to see the difference in similar color shades.
    • Clear primary colors are exciting and colorful mobiles, as well as all colorful wall pictures and picture books.
    • At 4th month your baby will start reacting to your presence, your voice and your facial expressions by kicking and waving with the arms.
    • At this age they also start to get particular and selective with whom they want to be with.
    • Earlier they might have charmed strangers just as well as close people, but now they are getting more unsure of strangers or large groups of people.
    • It’s best to give the baby time to get used to new people.
    • The interest for new people can be stronger and better in the safety of your arms.
    • All of the above baby reactions, are signs of infant social milestones 4th month skills.
    • Remember that all infants are unique and reach different stages of social developmental milestones in their own time.

    Infant Milestones 4th Month

    developmental milestones fourth month

    Gross Motor Milestones 4th Month

      • May roll over from back to stomach or stomach to back
      • Pulls dangling objects toward him and brings it to its mouth
      • Sits, with assistance and support
      • Grabs at something that captures its attention, such as a woman’s necklace
      • May make swimming motions, resulting in moving around in bed

    Fine Motor Milestones 4th Month

      • May hold object between index and second fingers

    Language Milestones 4th Month

      • Initiates several sound tones
      • Babbles, making sounds that can sound like real language
      • Laughs
      • Is interested in making sounds

    Cognitive Milestones 4th Month

    four months old baby sees and hears something peculiar

      • Stares at the place from where object dropped
      • Displays interest in smells
      • Can distinguish between smells
      • Has responsive periods of one hour or more

    Social Milestones 4th Month

      • Can play alone for longer periods

    four months baby plays and laughs

    • Vocalizes to initiate socializing
    • Laughs when tickled
    • Laughs when playing
    • May cry if play is disrupted
    • May interrupt feedings with play

    Your baby may reach some of these developmental milestones fourth month more quickly, or more slowly than another baby.

    If the baby hasn’t reached some of these stages yet, he will most likely do so in a short period of time.

    If you are concerned about your baby’s developmental milestones fourth month, or have any questions regarding the progress, discuss it with your baby’s doctor.

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