Developmental Milestones Third Month

Your baby's developmental milestones third month, gross and fine motor milestones, language milestones, cognitive and social milestones is what this page is all about.

By developmental milestones third month, you might be able to see the baby lift the head and shoulders, when lying on the stomach.

You can support this training by sitting in front of the baby and swing with a toy.

Infant milestones 3rd month, might even include holding their heads up for several minutes, when lying on the back.

With good support, babies might perhaps be able to sit straight up, and keep their heads straight and steady.

3 months old babies can better coordinate their arms legs and hands.

Now the baby can wave with the arms and kick with the legs.

As infants hip joints and knees get more mobility, the kicks get stronger.

If you lift the baby and keep him up straight in a standing position, he will press down with the feet.

3 Months Old Babies Milestones

Developmental Milestones Third Month

3rd Month Fine Motor Milestones

Babies can move their hands together and straighten the fingers, but will probably still use the fist to bat against dangling objects.

Encourage infant fine motor development of the hands, by handing the baby toys, he can take.

developmental milestones third month

By approximately developmental milestones third month, infants's sleeping habits start to get easier for parents to handle.

During three to four month of age, many babies start sleeping through the night, but can wake up for an occasional nightly meal.

But some infants don't sleep the whole night until they are six months, so do not be worried if your baby still wakes up at night for a while.

At the developmental milestones third month of age, probably earlier, he will have developed a clear recognition of you and your face.

Most of the time babies smile and laugh even at strangers, especially if they talk and coo with them.

However they have definitely started to be aware of, which people who are most important.

The crown lobe, the part of the brain that controls the coordination between hand and eye and makes it possible to recognize things, is now developing rapidly.

The temple lobe, that contributes to hearing, language, and the sensation of smell, also gets more receptive and active.

So when your baby hears your voice, he might look directly at you, coos and tries to answer.

Infant 3rd Month Cognitive Development

Developmental Milestones Third Month

It pays off to read with your children, even when they are small babies.

It will help develop your baby's sense of the language's melody.

The more you are varying your voice when you read, reading with different type of voices, pronunciation, sing and do sounds, the more your are stimulating the developmental process.

Don't get upset if your baby lose concentration or turns away; try something else or take a small pause.

Be on the outlook for your baby's reactions and preferences and use it in the dialogue you create.

Choose picture books with large, colorful illustrations and simple text, or picture books without text, that you can tell your own story to.

Age related books, are not as important, as long as the books have clear, colorful pictures that can entertain a baby.

Because infants develop at their own pace, your three month old baby might be able to do these things earlier or a little later.

And if something has not already happened, it will most likely do so shortly.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your baby's developmental milestones third month, discuss it with your pediatrician.

Infant Milestones 3rd Month

Infant Gross Motor Milestones 3rd Month

* Raises his head and chest when on his tummy

* Holds head at 90 degree angle when on stomach

* He turns his head while lying on his stomach

* Brings hands to his mouth

* Reaches for dangling objects, usually won't be ably to get them yet

* Able to sit with support

* May bat at an object with closed fist

* Holds head steady and erect for short periods

* Can turn head in all directions

Infant Fine Motor Milestones 3rd Month

* Opens and shuts hands

* Likes to gum objects

* Grips objects in hands

* Clasps fingers and hands in play

* Facial expressions increase

* May gaze at hands for 5 to 10 minutes

* Splashes and plays in bath

* Can focus eyes at different distances

Infant Language Milestones 3rd Month

* Vocalization increases

Infant Cognitive Milestones 3rd Month

*Distinguishes speech, talking from other sounds

* May gaze at hands for several minutes

* Waits for expected reward such as feeding

* Smiles and vocalizes more to an actual face than to an image

* Has memory span of up to 7 seconds

Infant Social Milestones 3rd Month

* Begins to recognize and to differentiate other family members

* Tries to attract attention when a parent or sibling is nearby

* May be attentive for up to 45 minutes

* Attempts to soothe self

* May prefer a particular toy

* Can be quieted with music

* Interested in mirror image, may smile at it

* Adjusts responses to different people

Your 3 month baby may do some of these infant milestones 3rd month, more quickly or more slowly, than another baby.

All babies develop at their own pace.

If you are concerned about your baby's progress and his developmental milestones third month, discuss it with your baby's doctor.

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