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How to make family bonding activities with strong parent and child bonding abilities. Real life stories, bonding ideas for bonding with children that last, filled with wonderful memories.

family bonding activies


Make family dinner time a regular family bonding activity by letting children participate in preparing the food and setting the table.

Babies who are present at the dinner table get to learn the smell of different foods and social interaction, bonding with both parents and siblings.

Smell is a sense we never forget as long as we live, smell is a strong source of bonding for children.

Reading loud to your children every day is a powerful parent and child bonding activity.

family bonding activities

My father told me and my sisters a fascinating bed time story every evening (a story he had made up), we liked more than the stories from our books.

Strong family bonding activities are special moments done repeatedly over a long time.

Mother-Child Bond:

Our mother brought us, ever since we could walk, to the forest each summer several times, to pick wild berries and mushrooms. We had our own little buckets.

These mother and child bonding activities I repeated with my own children. We all loved being together in the serene forest, looking for chanterelles and picking and eating blueberries.

Mom also let us participate in making berry jams and cleaning the mushrooms we picked.

She taught us how to knit when very young, so we sisters knit clothes for our dolls and rags for the doll house which mom built and helped us decorate.

These bonding and learning experiences are priceless!

Mom even taught us how to sew on her sewing machine.

Parents who take the time to teach their small children something of value, will bond and develop them for life.

Father built us a fantastic play house, a real father bonding activity, which was large and so well built, that I and my own family could use it as a bath cottage on our beach in Sweden and it is still there looking good.

We sisters had a such a strong bond with our father and mother and they with us, due to all these family bonding activities, lasting a lifetime and beyond.

We enjoyed their company very much and talk memories when we get together, while our children listen in.

Vacations such as camping and family pick-nicks are great for bonding a family together. I fondly remember those as a child.

family bonding activities

Every summer we went camping on the beautiful West Coast in Sweden, fishing crabs and cooking them for dinner outdoors.

This is a family activity we enjoyed with our own children later.

We did the same with our kids.

family bonding activities

In the winter, dad went skiing down hill with us children which we loved. My husband and I did the same bonding with our children.

Mother was afraid doing this, but she stood at the bottom and cheered us on, ready to capture the moments with her camera.

Even though she wasn’t able to ski, she always came with and enjoyed watching us kids go skiing and having fun.

Play catch as a family is a fun bonding game to play with small children, since they want to be active outdoors and when you catch them, you give them hugs and kisses.

Playing board games, was popular with our boys when they were small, growing up and as grown up sons.

To this day we continue playing board games with “our kids” and it’s one of our favorite family bonding activities.

family bonding activities

At Christmas Eve, growing up in Sweden, my father really bonded, when he brought us along to our forest, to pick and bring home the Christmas tree, which was a favorite each year.

Trips abroad can be exciting family bonding experiences if the focus is on having experiences and activities together.

What constitute strong family bonding activities?

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